May 22, 2015

Pet Stains/Odor Problems

We have three different treatment methods for pet odours on wall-to-wall carpeting:

1. Minor Odor Treatment– We use top-quality deodorizers that are safe for you as well as your pets to spray every single urine spot before cleaning it in order to absorb and kill the urine bacteria that is gathered. Even though it will reduce the odour, it is not designed to eliminate severe odours since only the surface of the carpet will be treated. If you are able to smell an odour as soon as you walk into a room, it is not considered a minor, surface-level odour. Minor orders are smelled only on humid days and if you are kneeling down on the carpet.

2. Moderate Odor Treatment– This is basically a water claw subsurface extraction. This process consists of saturating the spots with our premium oxidation deodorizer so that our cleaning agent will reach down into the padding. The water claw subsurface extractor is then used to pull out the urine completely, which will significantly reduce the odour. However, there is still a possibility that it will not cure major problems that are highly severe. You should be extremely cautious with this treatment option if you have wood underneath your carpet.
3. Major Odor Treatment-This high-end treatment option is designed to eliminate the odour completely and is mostly used by our customers that no longer have any pets living within their homes. After the carpet is pulled up and the padding is disposed of completely, both sides are cleaned with oxidizing agents and enzymes that will neutralize all traces of the urine. The backing of the carpet, sub-floor and baseboards are then treated with a special odour barrier that will totally correct your urine problem. This procedure is fairly expensive and at this point complete carpet and underlay replacement makes more sense.

NOTE: We will usually use minor and moderate odour treatments in most cases, even when treating the more severely stained and odorous areas.
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