June 4, 2016

Upholstery cleaning – 101

furniture cleaning high river

Currently, many people underestimate how dangerous a furniture or any other upholstered object can be because of dirtiness, germs, and viruses deposited there and can cause serious illnesses.
This problem is real, and you can be prone to get sick with your family members with undesirable consequences.
Mold, fungi, toxins, mildews and many other health hazards can build a civilization on your furniture. If you have a baby or kids and their favourite place to play is on the carpet or on the furniture, would you let your children play among all these dangerous contaminants? I hope no.
That is exactly why it’s so important to clean your carpet and other upholstery regularly. You will be protecting your beloved family and yourself from these dangerous intruders.
What Are the Best Methods to Clean Your Upholstery?
There is no single answer: it depends on the dirtiness, magnitude, and condition of the upholstery you’re planning to get cleaned. However, we are going to discuss some of the best methods according to the common situations.
Most of the carpet cleaners who also clean upholstery use direct hot water extraction using basic upholstery tool. The result is predictable: they just make the upholstery wet without visible results.
Many others first pre-spray the upholstery with cleaning detergent, sometimes very cheap, like Tide, which is not designed for upholstery cleaning. In this case, upholstery comes out looking a little bit cleaner but still isn’t that clean as it’s supposed to be while getting professionally cleaned and very often it looks strеаky.
Our company uses the top-of-the-line method of upholstery cleaning which delivers The Very Best Results:
• Pre-spray: furniture cleaning calgary

This is the best for tough, heavily soiled upholstery treatment. Involves a concentrated blend of detergents, builder, and solvents to eradicate any sign of a virus, germs, and others, it is capable of removing a wide variety of soils and stains, including hair and skin oils, while extracting surface dirt.

• Power Drill Brush Attachment: Drill brush1

For heavily soiled and stained upholstery we use this attachment. This special brush is designed to agitate the cleaning process after pre-spray and helps to remove the toughest stains from the furniture.

• Rotovac Shear Dry Upholstery Tool: upholstery cleaning high river

This new, innovative and cutting-edge tool is the maximum expression of easy cleaning, it’s new, lightweight and involves a dual direction spray bar technology that cleans in both directions without doing annoying drippings or oversprays.
It doesn’t use too much water: Its innovative technology allows to eradicate in a matter of seconds any sign of dirtiness by using pretty low amounts of water.
It doesn’t only cleans, it dries as well. Using the new upholstery cleaning system your furniture will shine and dry in a short period of time.
Rotovac Shear Dry Upholstery Tool is the best ally when it comes to letting your furniture and upholstery shining.

Upholstery Cleaning has never been so easy.


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